My work crosses a wide range of subjects and ways of picture making. I am interested in creating work that is visually arresting at first glance, while at the same time leave space for individual 'readings' on the part of the viewer.

When approaching an idea for an image I attempt to strip away as far as possible any preconceptions I may have about it. The work then evolves as a sort of meditation of that particular subject through the myriad formal choices that go into making a painting.

While the result no doubt expresses my own story and particular sensibility, my interest is in providing a vehicle for viewers to make the work afresh for themselves, and arrive at something personal to them. In this, I try to 'get out of the way' in order to provide the possibility for an unmediated experience of the image itself in all its particulars.

For enquiries about my work or process, do not hesitate to contact me.